Wall Hung Toilet

A toilet is the subject for the bathroom though delicate, but essential. The first was a "night vase" or a special bucket. With the advent of the opportunity to connect a "night vase" to the central sewage system, the toilet has become a dominant attribute in the secluded corner of the apartment. But the trouble is that the surrounding floor has always been a bottleneck for cleaning it. And if you place the toilet on the wall, then it solves a lot of problems: there is nothing stopping the cleaning, no need to "pluck" the tiles during laying them around the toilet; it can be even equipped by the heated floor.

Wall Hung Toilet Placing

In another way, it is also called the installation. This one also includes all mounting set for the wall hung toilet. It is very simple, but not becomes less reliable. Fasteners themselves are not many, but they are reliable.

The construction is a steel frame on which is mounted the cistern. The bathrooms differ in size from each other in the houses with different internal layout because of that the mounting of a frame is provided by retractable rods. The most just mount a toilet in the wall or in a niche of the last. Then, the rack can be lightweight. In other cases it must be severe and massive, and such a bulky construction can be sewed by panels or laid with tiles. We emphasize that this construction is attached only to the capital walls. The secondary partition walls are not suitable for this.

A cistern is made of special polyethylene, durable and do not collect the outside condensation. It has four mounting points to mount. Two of them are the legs of a construction and fastened to the floor. They regulate the cistern placement height. And to accommodate it there, a tee of the sewer riser needs to be docked with a cistern drain hole. And only after adjustment and connection the cistern is attached to the wall. Next, the panels are installed: they can be of the gypsum plasterboard, or of other materials. They can be covered with tiles (but it will add redundant work in the drilling holes in the tile to anchor the toilet bowl).

The toilet bowl is attached to the cistern via adapter, included in delivery. After tighten the toilet bowl by nuts to the wall, a plum button should be connected to the drain by two wire cables inside the cistern (to the big and the small plum). The installation ends by latching of the plum button to the place. That is, the cisterns and steel structures will be invisible − the hung toilet seems getting out of the wall.

Whether Safe Is Hung Toilet, "Stuck" to Wall?

Of course, yes. It is all in the mounting frame. If a wall is the chief one, the cistern should be fastened directly to it. If there is a need to fasten it to the secondary wall or to the drywall with fragile tiles, the cistern in its turn is mounted to the frame, and the frame fixed to the floor, passing it a big part of the effort. Therefore, if the toilet bowl is not defective and will not collapse due to any micro crack, the user of this delicate device will be in safety.

The toilet bowl, suspended on a stud, screwed into the installation (i.e., in the frame construction). Calculations give the following figures: the weight of a user, suspended hung bowl, may be about 441 lbs., maximum ― about 882 lbs. Such giants, perhaps, will never meet in somebody's life.

Fears for the damage of equipment parts, which hidden in the wall, should not be: there are nothing there to break except the plum. And it is easy to reach the last through a hole under the plum button.

Wealth of Choice

Oval, round, rectangular − all the different kinds forms of wall mounted toilets are coming up with the designers. To even imagine about the variety of models, it is necessary to multiply the number of the forms on a number of the colors and shades, yes, plus the fact, there are even toilets with different drawings. In addition to them there are available wall hung toilets in different sizes, there are even small children's models.

Or take the other direction of expanding the range − high-tech novelties. Toilets with built-in bidet are already in the past. Now there are the models with built-in thermometer and clock. And for affluent clients the special computer program will indicate the presence in urine of protein or anything else like that.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Wall Mounted Toilets

The advantages of the wall hung toilets before ones installed in the floor are a significant number, here they are:

  1. Not only that hanging toilets fit into any interior, not the last role in this is a variety of colors and shapes. They can at all create an unusual interior of the bathroom, if to hang the toilet in the corner. To make it with a simple toilet is impossible.
  2. The cistern is situated behind a wall, so that it does not take a place.
  3. The tiles can be laid in any ornament on the floor of toilet room, as there is no sticking and preventing the toilet bowl.
  4. Toilet facility is saving much space in the bathroom.
  5. During cleaning works, there is no difficulty (even in the most inconvenient place − behind the toilet bowl).
  6. The device can withstand any conceivable human weight.

There are drawbacks, of course, but they don't affect the functionality of the construction:

  • the wall hung toilet's price is much higher than the usual one;
  • the most accurately make a layout, install the bolts and studs are almost impossible by him, it is necessary to involve professionals.

Some Words about History of Device

This entire splendor was started three decades ago here, in the US (pragmatic Americans tried to install as many "seats" in the public institutions' toilets). Now manufacturers from the different countries produce wall hung toilets and the installations for them. But if you need really the high quality model, you have to take German or Italian as these are the real brands.

What Weight Can Toilet Bowl Withstand?

The "air" design of the hung bowl is causing the lack of trust of many potential owners regarding the strength of that structure. However, as mentioned above, and the experts assure, with proper installation of wall mounted toilets they can withstand loads up to 882 lbs.


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