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Glass Doors − Beauty, and Not Only?

Glass doors − is the new option of our usual wooden doors. It is a modern variant that must be chosen by all those who decided to replace the old doors. Why are the glass doors so attractive?

First of all, their unusual design and the possibility of wide choosing this product for any interior catch the eye. Glass doors are ideally suited to the living room, kitchen, bathroom, thanks to the di ... Read more »

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Doors in Interior (55 Photos)

In order to partition and to separate of the dwelling by zones, the partitions, the walls, and, of course, the interior doors are used. A function of the interior door is simple − it performs isolation of each separate room from outside sounds and prying eyes. Often, the owners of apartments and houses face the challenge of interior doors and do not know what will work better for their interior. In this article ... Read more »

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Photo Entrance Doors for Separate House

Viewing the facade of a private house, the window and the front door are catching the eyes first. The proper design of the porch and the front door in a separate house right indicates that its owner indeed own the taste and charm. As a rule, the quality of metal doors, used today, leaves much to be desired. We would like to rectify this situation and to show some really interesting variants and photo ... Read more »

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Stained-Glass Film − Interior Design Photos

The stained-glass is a wonderful product of design, whose age is more than one hundred years. Masters, who at that time had not even heard of the word "design" were creating real fairy tale, which even today cannot afford many specialists of the interior.

Stained-glasses are still used in the modern design. However, due to the complexity of creation and production process, this way of ... Read more »

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Stained-Glass for Windows, Doors and Furniture (42 Photos)

A stained-glass − is something delicate, elegant, unusual, beautiful. The stained-glass art can be rightfully compared to the jewelry art. Previously stained-glass windows adorned the temples and other notional places, now stained-glass is a free piece of interior, and as you can see in the photos, they adorn the entrance or interior doors, windows, shutters, arches separating th ... Read more »

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